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DJPaddy: The Irish Cowboy

Stewart Mc Ardle






Hello Friends,

Seamus (The Irish Leprechaun) here for Paddy, he is a shy person and to much so to tell you about hiself'.

So let's get on with it. "Begorrah Now"

Paddy born Belfast and lived in Bangor Co Down N Ireland, first started entertaining when, Lonnie Donnegan was "Leavin' his Chewing Gum on the Bedpost over night"around 1952. His 1st band contained little in Instruments, A Banjo, Side Drum, Accordian and a Guitar which he played. After some practice, they decided Skiffle was the way to go and so they did and did well, winning the championship run between Movies in the Cinema, the Band name, "The Black & White Chequers", that was 1953, in 1962 Paddy joined the British Army, (Royal Military Police) a 100% change in style but not forgetting Music, playing every opportunity in 43 countries during his duties as a Police Photographer and Traffic Accident Investigator and more. Whilst still in N Ireland he Married Trish an Army Chef,

(Thats another Story)

In 1962 and before the wedding Paddy spent some time in the RMP Mounted Section with Tent Pegging Displays and in conjunction with Motorcycles, back home and a very quick wedding and off again to Aden, Middle East for an Emergency years Posting,whilst Aden his first was Born in Lisburn,NI, Donna in May 63 . That over and again home safe, no sitting still, Family Posted to Berlin (Ger) another great change in his career. Country Music was rife, and Paddy was deeply associated with the USMP, and so it grew. He even sang on Stage at the US/PX Club where Slim Whitman, Hank Williams Jnr and many others, Paddy sang a song by Jim Reeves, written by Lefty Frizell ," Letter Edged in Black". Great memories of Berlin and a Daughter Born there, off to Malaya. Between all this travelling I was never sure where Paddy would take me as he was always on a moments notice to anywhere in the world. When the tour in Malaya was close to end, Paddy and Family now three children, Donna N Ireland, Denise Berlin and Rory Malaya, were asked to Join the Royal Australian Provost, and on 1st June 70 we all arrived in Sydney.

Paddy set up a Police Photography School and stayed there as Sgt for 4 years, then returned to Civilian life. Security became his chosen Career, and was an Officer in QANTAS in Bombay when the Air France 747 was destroyed in a fire. Paddy finished duties every morning around 2am and back to hotel for Beaut dinners. There was a Group of Indian Sheik’s playing Piano,Double Bass and Sax, comically asking could he play the Banjo in the corner, admidst laughs from the Band explaining it was a guitar...Paddy Picked up and went into a routine of impressions of Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, and Louis Armstrong. That did he played every night during his tour there from entry to around 5am. No Charges on leaving, but a great farewell.

During a visit to a Hotel in Penrith NSW, he was looking for a new band, and dressed in finery with his wife, he was asked up on stage. Accepting he asked the band leader if he knew,"Letter edged in Black", one chorus in the leader yelled stop, quizzing Paddy on his history.. The leader was none other than Tennessee Billy T, who was the guitarist in Berlin. Both ran a formidable laison for 15 years before finally going own ways.

Again during all these travels Paddy was also involved in Radio, UK Offshore, Berlin, Malaya, Oh and in Vietnam during a tour there. 2 Blu in Katoomba and Wow fm St Marys, NSW. Paddy during the last ten years before retiring as a Manager in University Of Western Sydney (Audio Visual), now took off uo to Taree and worked on, Great Lakes FM, 2BOB fm, and a Year in 2TLP.

TLP was an Aboriginal Station and required some h'mmm help, Paddy and 3 assistants, re did the Control room, teaching and writing standards and procedure’s, along with voice procedure’s etc. Great time and on Air Interviews were had in 2 TLP.

Now Paddy and family are back in Windsor after 12 years away from the area, Having Broadcast on Hawkesbury Radio 89.9 Windsor, and then WOW fm (again) St Marys. Writings on IT newspaper, his Family, Ferrets, Chihuahua's, Fish and Bird’s breeding keep him busy.

Joining RhonBobPromotions 2005 ([email protected]) saw another massive change to his music/radio career, he now has many Record Companies and Artists world wide feeding and communications personally, providing much more an Interesting period in his life, Thanks Hon. and thanks to the many Artists that support: Paddys Global Indie Country......................................


 Yet another Turn in direction, Paddy transmissions on entertaining a wide audience, and later joined Rockabilly Radio NZ in Platelike which later Moved to , this programme broadcasts to 107.7 FM and 88.4 FM Tamaru NZ and relaying to Poets Cove,Vancouver Canada. Allison Paulson the Station Manager. Website: http://rockabillyradiopenderfm/ . This contains the method of joining the Chatroom associated with the Broadcast, Interviews can also be entertained by contacting Paddy at: [email protected]




Also 2009 has Paddy now Recording a Programme for a three day weekly show on I (Limerick Ireland)

The programme Details and more can be found on the Station website.


 June 2010.

Continuing on with the latest news: Paddys Global Indie Country Now Broadcast live to ICMR on Saturdays 6am UK time and 3pm Australian Time.

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Aug 2014.

 Hello again, to be sure it's me again.

Paddys new Broadcast Locations, have changed somewhat.

Parent Station now:

              USA (Frank Anderson)

Simulcasting to:               Quirrindi NSW AU ( John Murray Wilcox)

Recorded for replay :

              Feildinf NZ  (John De Burgh




Seamus.........The Irish Leprechaun

( Edited 20th Aug 2014 )


Tail Note:

Now didn't I forget to say Paddy not only has Paddy performed in many countries but in Australia he did many Big shows including a series for The Heart Foundation which was edited for TV He also had jobs with 3 Australian Made Movies. There Now, Thats it...